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Bakery Industry Consultancy

Only The Best is Good Enough - in every Step!

Our services can loosely be categorise under four pillars:

  • Recipe Management
  • New Product Development
  • On - Site Production Trials
  • Seminars on Spot
  • The Total Solution!

    Expertise in ...
    Emulsifiers - Preservatives - Flavors - Enzymens - Hydrocolloids for Bakery Products and Confectionary contributing to help to solve your Food Science problems and in selecting the best Ingredients for your Application.

    Recipe Management

  • Optimize Ingredients
  • ... reduce the numbers of ingredients to reduce costs. Substitute ingredients while maintaining quality standards.

  • Cut Costs
  • ... reduce fat content, egg content and / or replace expensive raw materials.
    Optimize processes through recipe adjustments.

  • Shelf Life Extension
  • ... extend product properties, e.g. to softness, shelf life over time.
    ... recipe formulation, water activity, pH values and storage conditions
    will be checked to give an optimum of shelf life. We will recommend the right ingredients to ensure your product shelf life needed.

    NPD - New Product Development

    ... requires knowledge of Ingredients, Processing Techniques, Packing Materials, Legislations and Consumer Demands.

    We have all of these.

    Particular in the highly competitive bakery segment innovation and reformulation is essential.
    From brainstorming product concepts to converting ideas to prototypes we offering you all the necessary steps in the product development chain.

    On - Site Productions Trials

    ... once a prototype has been approved, large scale testing begins at your production facility.
    Our deep undersstanding of your production processes and unit operations means that we can conduct recipe trials on your behalf and fine-tune the product in readiness for full-scale production.
    Bring your product more quickly to the market.

    Seminars on Spot

    ... our seminars are designed for NPD and R&D employees to deepen their knowledge and to find the practical link to apply it at their daily work. Seminars can be parted into a theoretical and practical part depending on seminars content.

    Safe costs and have the seminars at your facility, you will spread knowledge and reach more people, so why send them abroad.
    Please check our seminars offers or ask for your tailor made seminar.